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Is it tough to find a good technician who can help you with your car when it needs windshield replacement?

Or you need a quality repair in an emergency and don’t have time to search for the best technician?


Auto Glass UAE is always there for you. We are a mobile service that can help you with all types of car glass repairs and replacements, no matter where you are in the UAE. Ferrari or Fiat, we repair regular and luxury cars for the best prices!

Windshield Experts

Front Windshield

Did you get a crack or a chip in your windshield?
Let’s fix it.

Rear windshield

Broken or had an accident? We fix it!

Side windows

A normal sidewindows replace with 24 hours of booking

Panorama Roof

Do you have a broken glass roof?
We take care of installing a new one

Tinting Windows

We help you with new tint in you vehicle

Factory Quality

OEM windscreens and materials secure a perfect result every time

Mobile Replacement Of Auto Glass

We service all the UAE so don’t hesitate contacting us for a price

   We Do Replace Windshield on
All Vehicles

2020 toyota camry - windscreen

2019 mercedes e class - WINDSCREEN


Risk Free

Frequently asked questions

Where can I get my car glass replaced?
You can choose to bring your car into any of our centers or opt to use our free mobile service, where we come to you! Our mobile service is on offer all year round, and we’ll come to any location on the.
How much does a windshield cost to replace?
The cost of your windshield depends on many factors, including the make, model, and age. If your insurance covers part or all replacement costs, we will check that for you also! Contact us today to find out how much it will be for you.
What is windshield calibration?
We can calibrate all types of equipment, but some need special conditions. For this reason, you might need to take the car to the nearest workshop to adjust the new windshield.
Can my windshield be repaired?
Yes, in many cases. But if the crack on your windshield is longer than a dollar bill, on a corner, or went through almost half of the windshield. NO, your windshield will need replacement.
What would happen if I mistakenly ordered a wrong car glass?
We always do a background check before installing new glass. Please follow the guidelines on our website so we can bring the correct glass. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to call us; we are always here to help you.
Is it legal to drive with a cracked windshield?
As per the UAE traffic law, If you have a crack in your windshield, it is illegal to drive on the road without reporting it to the police at the nearest police station, or you can report it through the Dubai Police mobile application.
Does windshield replacement count as a insurance claim?
The cost of replacing your windscreen is not an insurance claim in most insurance policies, but you might have to pay the excess. Just check what’s listed on your policy for replacement prices and ensure that these numbers match up.
Can I cancel my order?
We understand that you might have some last-minute changes; we’re glad to offer free-of-charge cancellations until the day before your appointment. If it’s not an error on our part, then there will be a 200 AED cancellation fee charged as soon as possible after booking, since confirmation of availability has already taken place with suppliers/ technicians – this includes all parts checks plus orders placed.

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