Black and White Points System For Drivers In The UAE

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The black and white points system is a traffic law in the United Arab Emirates that assigns points to drivers for certain traffic violations with black points and rewards them if they don’t break any violations with white points. If a driver accumulates enough black points, their license may be suspended or revoked. The system is designed to promote safe driving habits and reduce the number of accidents on UAE roads. The black and white points system is just one of the many ways that the UAE is working to make its roads safer for everyone.

White points system: everything you need to know


The scheme is designed to reward white points for individuals who haven’t committed any traffic violations or incurred Salik and parking fines during one full year. Each eligible person can receive up to 12 monthly credits, which are awarded at the end of each month – one point per month!


The White Points System was introduced by Dubai Police in 2012 to honor safe drivers. The system works by awarding points to drivers based on their driving history and compliance with traffic rules. Each point represents a certain level of depth of knowledge about traffic safety. The more points a driver has, the more likely he or she is to be a safe driver. The points are cumulated on a yearly basis, after which they must be renewed.


Drivers who wish to renew their points must simply comply with the traffic and driving rules in the UAE. The White Points system is a valuable tool for promoting safe driving habits in Dubai. It is also an effective way of identifying high-risk drivers and providing them with targeted education and training. The system has helped to reduce the number of accidents in Dubai and has contributed to making the city’s roads safer for everyone.

Black points system: everything you need to know


The black points in the UAE are a measure of your driving history and habits. They’re added to the license if you commit traffic rules violations, but they only show what kind of driver you’ve been over time – not just one instance! It counts all types or severity levels committed by an individual when operating vehicles such as cars, trucks, etc…


The Dubai Police use cameras and radars to monitor traffic. If you’re caught breaking any of their rules, they’ll add black points against your file within 48 hours! They also send alerts by SMS so that people know what’s going on with them right away

The new rules in the UAE are strict and will result in an automatic suspension of your license if you break any of these laws. Some offenses carry 23 or 24 points which means that it’s much more likely for a driver to lose their privilege of driving for a certain period.

Suspension length

The penalties for speeding vary depending on how many black points your license has. The first 24-point penalty will see you released after 3 months, but the second time around it’s a sentence of 6 months to one year under suspension – and the third even longer.


The best way to get rid of black points on your driving license in the UAE is by waiting 365 days. After one full year has passed, all accumulated debit will be reset without any worries about renewed licenses!

in case you have too many black points on your license, it’s time to take care of this now before things get worse. There are two ways to catch things up:

  1. attend awareness classes: The UAE police offers a class on how to reduce your black points.
  2. Black Points Transfer: If you’ve earned black points on your license because of someone else, we can transfer those over to their account.

What are the penalties for breaking the rules?

Each traffic violation has a corresponding number of black points. These points range from 1 to 24, depending on the severity of the offense. If a driver accrues 24 black points, their license will be suspended for a period of time.

The most “heavy” violations are: Transporting harmful material and Illegally transporting passengers.

Followed by Driving/riding without a license plate, vehicle causing death, and Driving in ways that endanger life and property.

Some tips for driving safely in UAE

You can avoid a lot of problems by following these easy-to-understand tips to drive safely. 

  1. It’s important not to be distracted while driving and to keep your distance from other drivers.
  2. follow the two-second rule (time between you pulling out into traffic).
  3. watch out for road markings that tell how fast or slow an area becomes.

In the event of an auto accident, call the police immediately and wait for an ambulance if necessary. If you have a cracked windshield or any other broken glass on your car reach us and we can replace it for you right away!

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