Top Automotive Conferences To Attend In The UAE 2022

by May 19, 2022UAE Cars News

If you’re a car enthusiast, you’ll want to attend one (or all) of the top automotive conferences in the UAE in 2022. These events are a great way to learn about the latest advances in the automotive industry and see some of the latest models and technologies. Plus, it’s a chance to meet other car enthusiasts from around the region! Here are some of the top conferences to consider attending.

Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit (EVIS)

Online – Mon, 23 – Wed, 25 May 2022

The Electrical Vehicle Innovation Summit 2022 exhibition and conference organized by Nirvana Holding Abu Dhabi, supported in partnership with Masdar as a Sustainability Partner and CEBC & CHARIN.

It will consist of three days – one filled with all the newest trends related to electric cars. Two others offer extensive knowledge sessions on sustainability topics such as energy efficiency or climate change mitigation strategies for businesses looking at how they can be sustainable without sacrificing profit margins!

I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time there if these words sound familiar. EVIS has been working hard every day to make this event incredible.

International Conference on Automobile & Mechanical Engineering

Radisson Blu, Abu Dhabi Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE – Fri, 27 – Sat, 28 May 2022

The conference is a venue for sharing knowledge and innovations. It provides an excellent international platform to academicians and researchers engineers from all over the world who are interested in automotive engineering or mechanical sciences.

The event covers topics such as:
Conceive engines; design vehicles from scratch or improve existing models using Robotic Processors – these are just some examples among many others that can be found within this gathering dedicated exclusively to those interested not only internally but also externally collaborating with other organizations.

World Summit on Automotive and Autonomous Systems

Radisson Blu, Abu Dhabi Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE – Thu, 09 – Fri, 10 Jun 2022

The future of cars is coming to town. And we’re ready for it!

The World Summit on Automotive and Autonomous Systems will share the most advanced Innovations and the future trends in automotive vehicles.

It will be a great place not only to showcase the latest innovations but also to provide an international platform where researchers from across industries can share their thoughts on current topics like automated driving technology, fuel cell development & more – all while networking with other like-minded individuals committed towards progress.

Emirates Motorsport Expo

Dubai Autodrome, Dubai, UAE – Sat, 01 Oct 202

The Emirates Motorsport Expo is an annual event that brings together all forms of motorsport in the UAE. It provides attendees with a chance to meet teams, competitors, and key stakeholders from this exciting industry!

With a variety of exhibits available including cars from Formula 1 racing through sports cars – there really will be something that interests everyone!

EV Auto Show

Abu Dhabi, UAE – Mon, 17 – Wed, 19 Oct 2022

The EV Auto Show is a one-stop event for all things related to electric vehicles. Exhibitors have the opportunity to show off their innovative equipment, technologies, and services in front of leaders from around this industry as well as other attendees who are hungry not only for knowledge but actionable insights into how they can grow too!

We advise car enthusiasts to go and see the latest in electric car technology at this year’s EV Auto Show. Exhibitors will be showcasing their innovative equipment, technologies, and services for all things e-vehicle. Auto Glass UAE Crue members will surely be there.

Global EV Show (GEVS20222)

Dubai, Wed, 23 – Fri, 25 Nov 2022

Electric Vehicle Show brings together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts for a two-day conference to rethink sustainability through innovation. The event features top EV enterprises that exhibit models including e-bikes as well as cars which will provide visitors with everything they need to know about this exciting new sector of our world’s automotive market.

The Global Electric Vehicle show (GEVS20222) hosted by Dubai UAE plans on bringing all thought tank members from across the Middle East into one place where creative minds can share ideas while also showcasing their latest advancements in

This chance for enthusiasts is not one you should miss as it features top EV enterprises that can showcase their latest models alongside next-generation electrification technologies.

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